Aldabra Capital supports SMEs in the management of financial needs related to:  

  • Internal and external growth
  • Capital reorganisation
  • Evaluation of extraordinary operations

Venture Capital | Private Equity | Co-investments

  • Identification and evaluation of target company
  • Define organisational structure and pre-agreement between founders and investment company
  • Operational support for corporate restructuring and relaunching plans
  • Business Plan preparation
  • Outsourced CFO services– Management and Budgetary control


  • Target identification

    Target identification

  • Deal structuring

    Deal structuring

  • Planning and Control

    Planning and Control

Temporary Management/CXO

Depending on specific needs and individual development plans, at times companies may benefit from Aldabra’s temporary management teams (CXO), which facilitate company and employee growth by providing skills and know-how directly on-site, collaborating with other employees and taking action in any area that requires it (HR & Operations, Financial & Admin, BD, Sales & Marketing)

  • Research and recruitment of open key positions, enhancement and defining growth paths for existing resources
  • Talent recruitment & retention through incentive systems based on meritocracy
  • Assessment of organisational model


  • Gap Analysis

    Gap Analysis

  • Recruiting


  • Planning and Control

    Planning and Control


Our investment philosophy is always aligned with entrepreneurs. Aldabra acts as an advisor both in the case of direct participation in capital and in the evaluation phase.

In addition to financial support, Aldabra offers entrepreneurs and co-investors a wide range of strategic and technical skills, from direct operations management to planning and control, legal and administrative aspects and financial management.


  • Diagnostics


  • Team setting

    Team setting

  • Recommendation & Implementation

    Recommendation & Implementation