Principia Buys $7M Stake in CrestOptics

26 June 2018

By investing through the Principia III – Health Fund, Principia SGR has bought a USD 7.2 million stake in CrestOptics SpA, an Italian high-tech company founded in 2012 which operates in the field of experimental research and development as well as electro-optical  technologies applied to biology and materials sciences.

CrestOptics is active in the design, production, distribution and integration of high resolution optical and electro- optical equipment for industrial, scientific and diagnostic purposes. The promising results of continuous R&D activities carried out in collaboration with the Joint Laboratory IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) are leading to significant progress in the use of this technology as well as in the field of diagnostics, in particular with applicationsfor early diagnosis of neurodegenerative and tumor diseases, which will allow greater expansion in this market.

Thanks to the support of Principia SGR, the company aims to develop current advanced microscopy products andfinance new R&D activities in the early diagnosis stages of the most important neurodegenerative and tumoral pathologies.